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Q: toyota tercel?
i bought a 94 toyota tercel for 400 bucks it runs good i put new tires and a new battry in it and it still needs a little work is that still a good deal oh buy the way it runs good its just a few things here and there that need to be fixed

A: You have gotten yourself a great deal, those Tercels are known for its durability and they're also know for its efficentcy.

Q: Does a 1997 Toyota Tercel stickshift have transmission fluid that should be checked?
Does a 1997 Toyota Tercel stick shift have transmission fluid that should be checked? I know this is a dumb question.Does a 1997 Toyota Tercel stick shift have transmission fluid that should be checked?Or any fluid? My car has 127,000 miles and it has never been checked.How often should it be done and should it be drained then filled or just topped off?Does gear oil get old?

A: Yup. There's a bolt on the side of the tranny that you can pull to check the level. You'll need to look in the service manual to be sure which bolt it is, though. If the oil is level with the bottom edge of the bolt hole, you're good. To make matters worse, you're expected to add oil through the same bolt hole. You'll want a funnel with a hose, or a turkey baster. Follow-up: My '87 Toyota truck has never been drained and refilled. I just check the level every couple of years and top up as necessary. It has never needed much. At 127K miles your car is overdue for a tranny fluid level check in my opinion.

Q: Where can I find an 87 Toyota Tercel replacement wiper screw?
I have an 87 toyota tercel. When replacing the blades, there is a screw that is missing, which keeps the blades from flipping then flying off (kinda important). This part does not come with replacemet wipers. (I've checked and checked...) Does anyone know where I might find this screw? I've been to Home Depot and trial-and-errored three screws. Right now I have one that kinda (not really) works, and I'd like to find the actual one intended for said purpose.

A: Yes, the Parts Department in your local Toyota dealer might have it in stock/inventory....otherwise if they have to order it, it should only a few days. If the price is too high/expensive in your opinion bec say they are not able to order just the screw itself, then you might want to consider buying it and all any other parts you need from the best deals on the internet for Toyota genuine parts are at 2 Toyota dealers in Texas: (i) Toyota of Dallas and (ii) Toyota of Richardson (TX) where prices are 30% of MSRP plus S&H. We have owned 5 Toyotas brand new and I have been dealing with them for years (unless it's an emergency or small dollar value) via facsimile and/or internet and they take credit card. They ship everywhere via Big Brown UPS and might possibly ship overseas. At both of their websites, you just specify your Toyota vehicle the Year Model etc and then it is broken down into several categories and can also provide blowup expansion diagram so you know you order right part. Hope the Above Info Helps & Best of Luck!

Q: What is the fastest you have driven a 1985 4wd toyota tercel wagon?
I have a 1985 4wd toyota tercel wagon and i went 86 in it one time and that is the fastest i have ever gone in it. im just wondering how fast you have gone in a 4wd toyota tercel wagon.

A: I never drove one, but I went 120 mph in a 90 Dodge Colt the other day.

Q: What is the best repair manual I can get for a 1997 Toyota Tercel?
What is the best repair manual I can get for a 1997 Toyota Tercel?What manual should I buy that will give me my cars schematics and step by step instructions on repairs/tools that are needed?Is it available through the library or downloaded for free?

A: I always recommend Haynes manuals, they seem to be more focused on the specific car model; it's been my experience that Chilton's will use one manual to cover a range of related cars. That can cause some particulars on some models to be missed. If you can afford it, get the Toyota Shop Manual for your car. It'll be big and it'll be expensive, but you can screw one together from scratch if you have that book.

Q: Where is the fuel pump located on a 1984 Toyota Tercel?
I have the manual which explains how to replace fuel pump, but does not show where fuel pump is located. I've looked under the backseat and under the trunk mat, as well as in the engine compartment. Car is a 1984 Toyota Tercel 4WD Wagon. Any thoughts?

A: It's a mechanical pump located on the engine. Look at the rear of the cylinder head, on the side, just under the back if the air cleaner. It is attached with 2 bolts (12mm) and 3 hoses. Good Luck!

Q: How much does it cost to get a new clutch in a 96 Toyota Tercel?
How much does it cost to get a new clutch in a 96 Toyota Tercel?I was thinking about getting a new clutch for my car how much do they usually cost to replace?

A: you can probley get one at the auto parts store for about 150 dollars an replace it youself if you know how or pay someone else 1000 to 1500 to do it for you..........

Q: How do you attach the rear-view mirror of a Toyota Tercel?
The rear-view mirror of my 1995 Toyota Tercel fell off. I'm not sure how, but I think I may have knocked it off getting my book bag out of the car. Does anyone know how to re-attach it or where I can find information on how to do this?

A: If the metal piece came off the windshield also you will have to go to a auto parts store and get a mirror repair kit, it has the glue in it and the directions on how to reinstall it.

Q: How can I improve my gas mileage in a 96' Toyota Tercel?
How can I impove my gas mileage in my 1996 Toyota Tercel 4SPD?Is there any special engine cleaner I can use to reduce friction?(not fuel injector cleaner)Or any tips that anyone might suggest as for driving or tire inflation.Hypermiling?Taking out seats EXAMPLES

A: The tercel is already a gas sipper, what more do you want? Try a tune-up, it might not make a difference in gas mileages but it will improve the engine, thus, making it last longer.

Q: Where can I find a free pdf version to a 1991 Toyota Tercel Manual?
Family car is a `91 Toyota Tercel, but no manual... so repairs are costly.

A: The manual's are $15 and cover everything from the smallest amount of maintanance to a full engine overhaul...I don't know of any website that thorough. Try Haynes...they can be had at any autoparts store for your car...year and model specific. Also, try to hit the internet and look for a Toyota forum, where the users are primarily owners and mechanics of Toyotas.

Q: Do I have to change my toyota tercel 1994 engine to make it faster?
I have a Toyota Tercel 1994 just laying in my house, I thought about making it look like this but what can I do to make it faster? new engine? like a racing type or turbo,intake,exhaust let me know people.

A: If you're really into modifying cars, then you can do a number of things like you mentioned. From a monetary standpoint, terrible investment and return. The Tercel platform is just not a good starting point for car modification. I'd suggest selling it and using the money to buy parts for another car or look for a better starting platform.

Q: how much will insurance be for a 19yr old with a 93 toyota tercel in NYC?
Im 19yrs old and i have my own job, im very responisble and independent. Im saving up for a 93 toyota tercel or honda civic, which will be in the 2000-3000 dollar range. The only problem is finding insurance that I can pay on my own. Unfortunately my mother will not put me on her insurance,so im looking for inexpensive auto insurers in which I can afford about 200-250 a month. Im not looking for full coverage,just whats whatever's needed in the state of new york. Im a very responsible young man and not at all into being reckless or showing off to people. I just want a chance to have my first safe and reliable car. Thank you

A: I don't know, but it will be high considering you are 19 & in NYC. Also, insurance companies do not care if you say you're responsible because you are still in the high risk age range.

Q: Is it possible to install an RPM gauge on a 1991 Toyota tercel?
Is it possible to install an RPM gauge on a 1991 Toyota tercel

A: Sure, you can put a tach on anything. Most aftermarket tachs get a signal from one of the coil wires, so you'll have to find out what wire that is, otherwise they're easy to install.

Q: How to take out a Toyota Tercel 1989 Audio Deck
Hello Peeps! I got a 89 toyota tercel and I just hooked up 2 12's and a 300W amp to it. Now all I need is to replace the deck but I don't know how to because the deck on the tercel is not the same as other car decks. I would appreciate it If someone helped me on this. zTHANk You!

A: it is, you just got to find the screws and take off parts of the dash till you can see what holds your deck in place. if not screws there may be pins(they look like a sitch you can press down or up) and the deck comes out. just make sure if you change it the new deck will fit.

Q: resurfaced head on 97 toyota tercel put everything back together and car wont start need help?
replaced all gaskets, water pump, heater hoses, timing is right on, has compression, has spark, has fuel and new oil and oil filter. Car turns over but won't start. Makes a sound like the battery is dead but has a fully charged battery. The car is a 97 Toyota Tercel 2dr sedan, 4 cyl., 1.5L. All wires and hoses are hooked up and in the right spot. Can't figure out what is wrong.

A: Your timing sounds like it is 180 degrees out. The valves are not opening at the right times, so the compression inside the engine is keeping it from turning over correctly. #1 Cyl has to be at TDC on the compression stroke, not the exhaust stroke. Good Luck! Cheers!