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Q: 1994 Toyota Tercel burning oil and smells thru vent, what does that mean?
I just bought a 1994 Toyota Tercel 4 speed, manual. The previous owner said that it "burns oil" and she puts oil in it about every 2 weeks. Also, when I start it up, the burning oil smell comes through the vent. There is a little oil on the outside of the engine (perhaps from a teenager putting oil in, per his mother). The car does not leak oil and has had a very recent oil change. What could be wrong? Should I clean the oil off the engine? How do I do that? Why would it need oil every two weeks?

A: noticeable oil on the mill could be, spilt oil, needs valve cover gaskets, PCV valve is stuck, and the engine cannot breathe correctly, sender unit could have a small crack in it some ware, Get your self a steam genny, steem clean the entire engine, get all that stuff off the engine. Then take a strong light start and idle the engine, and look for leaks.. One QT of oil every two weeks is not bad for now, why let it continue any further? odors of oil coming through the vent, suggests the problem is close to the intake screen under your wind shield.

Q: about how much to fix a 1994 toyota tercel A/C?
I have a 1994 toyota tercel coupe and the A/c does not blow cold air. They told me that it has something to do with cleaning the the filter to remove all the accumulated dirt. About how much will i spend on that? they have to go in and take the dash apart

A: If they mean the condenser, use a garden hose, it's right up front. If they mean the evaporator or internal screen then there is R&R dash parts labor.

Q: What is the redline limit for a 1994 Toyota Tercel? Redline for the RPM?
I need help with my 94 Toyota Tercel... I am installing a tachometer (rpm gauge) and I need to know what the redline is for it. Does anyone have an idea of the redline?

A: Maximum horsepower is generated at 5,400 rpm. It probably redlines a few hundred above that, but you're just wearing it out if you go there.

Q: why is my 1994 toyota tercel using 3 qts of oil for every 125 miles driven?
is there any chance in the world that the pistons, rings, cyl walls are in excellent shape?

A: Try replacing the PCV valve. It should only cost about $3.00 at the auto parts store. A bad PCV valve can cause your car's engine to start sucking a lot of oil. However if this does not stop the problem, then you must turn your attention to the internal workings of the engine (i.e., rings, pistons, valve guide seals). You may also want to have the front and rear seals on the crank checked for leaks as well. Pull the spark plugs to see if they are oil fouled (looks like they have wet oil on them). Fouled plugs will tell you that you're burning oil and that it's either the PCV, rings, pistons or valve guide seals causing the high oil consumption. If they aren't fouled, then look for leaks around the engine and crank seal.

Q: How do you remove front axle from 1994 toyota tercel?
I'm working on my front left axle and i got everything off except that the joint broke off and now i have the shaft stuck in the transmission. Is there a trick to pulling this last piece out?? This car is on jacks down the block i got until friday before street sweepers come by! please help!!!!!

A: what do you mean the joint broke? you mean the cv joint? or the axle itself. if its just the cv joint, you use a big pry bar, get in there real nice and good and start prying away, it wll come loose eventually. its being held in there by a friction ring.

Q: I have a 1994 toyota tercel. The car cranks but won't start. What could the problem be.?
I have a new battery, plugs and wires. Plenty of gas and I know I am getting gas to the injectors.

A: Do you have gas in your gas tank? Check your battery.

Q: How much would it cost to put an engine in a 1994 Toyota Tercel DX?
Mileage: 130,000 Exterior Color: Blue Interior Color: Gray Body Style: Sedan Doors: Four Door Engine: 4 Cylinder Transmission: Automatic Drive Type: 2 wheel drive Would it be woth putting an engine into it?

A: i mechanic for a living,,and the only way you could come out ahead here ,is if you found a good used engine for it,,a new one would cost more than the car is worth,,a good used one would probably cost around 500 for it,,and then the labor would be around 300 so either way its close on this one,,if you think the car is worth it,,that's what counts,,if it were mine id probably not fix it,,but its yours,,and if you want to fix it,,then id start looking for a good used engine for it,,good luck with what ever you decide to do,,hope this help,s.

Q: What size are the speakers in a 1994 Toyota Tercel's driver and passenger side doors?
I'm trying to buy some after market speakers. I just want to get the right size. Does anyone know what size are the speakers in this typical vehicle? This Tercel is a coupe, so there's only two speakers in this car... pretty sad... but hey... beats having nothing.

A: Go to www.crutchfield.com they are the best resource for getting this information. Just type in your vehicle info and then they will show you all speakers that will fit your application. You can get the size off of that info and go to your local store to purchase speakers OR just buy them there. They're reputable and will give you step by step instructions for doing the job yourself.

Q: How do I put speakers in a 1994 Toyota Tercel coupe?
I seriously need help with this. I bought 6.5 inch car speakers for my car doors. I don't know if I bought the right size, because after putting them on... the previous car owner of the car messed up the car door panels and I can't figure out where the screws go or whatnot. Another problem is, I got the speakers on but they're not screwed in right because I can't see any holes and then the speakers start to fall off and I have to rewire them again. Another problem is, I placed the grills over the speakers... and once you shut the door... BAM. The dashboard of the car hits against the speakers. I don't know how to take the door panels off because of that ridiculous window handle that opens and closes the windows... seriously... how the heck do you take that off? I don't know getting 6.5 inch car speakers was a good idea... knowing that crutchfield.com said my car take 4 inch speakers. Darn Circuit City and Best Buy states that the speakers I bought will fit my ride. Frustrated. Forgot to mention... I would get a professional to get it mounted on the Tercel... but I need some advice before dealing with someone that I'm going to pay more than $40.

A: To take the window crank off take an old rag and slide it back and forth between the crank and the door panel while pulling it up at the sametime this will push the clip that is holding the crand in place.Start on the under side of the handle that way the clip doesnt fly uff across the street and take it slow if not you will lose the clip as well

Q: how to change a clutch one a 1994 toyota tercel?

A: Your best bet is to go to your local library and borrow or your local auto parts store and buy a Haynes repair manual for your vehicle. The step by step instructions are listed there and would be quite long to put on Yahoo answers..

Q: Testing an airbag sensor in a fender after a collision 1994 Toyota Tercel?
Details of testing the airbag sensor before instslling a new airbag after a collision which damaged a fender

A: You want to do this yourself ?? It's way too critical !!!! Can you truly trust your work when the sh*t hits the fan? It is imperative that you have the manufacturer make this repair. Maybe someday you'll sell the car a someone will die because you didn't do it correctly.

Q: Do anyone know where I can find a used 4E-FTE motor for my 1994 toyota tercel??
I would also prefer if the wiring harness was already converted to a tercel like someone already had a 4E-FTE in their tercel. But if it isnt its fine.

A: car-part.com

Q: can you put a 1994 Toyota tercel on highways ?


Q: what is 1994 toyota tercel compression ratio?

A: twin cam? Bore & stroke 2.91 x 3.43 in., Displacement 1.5L/1497cc : Compression ratio is 9.4:1

Q: Will a 1995 tercel door handle work on a 1994?
it's for the drivers side of a 1994 toyota tercel.

A: Sorry! There no interchange. Only the same year works.